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The Coolest Watches Under $150

The Rayseeker,
$185 / $149.98 by Mountain Active

Look, we appreciate a classic investment timepiece just as much as any man of discerning taste, but sometimes you're looking to keep some extra scratch in your pockets. And thankfully these days, you can find a well-made, classically designed timepiece that also happens to be affordable too. Here are ten smart, sturdy watches that whisper "I've got style ... and plenty of money for drinks tonight."

Mountain Active Rayseeker Watch

Solar powered

The Rayseeker, $185 / $149.98 by Mountain Active

Seiko 5 Automatic Watch

Seiko 5 Automatic,
$123.59 by Seiko

Momentum Watches Torpedo Blast 44 Watch

Hand-assembled in Vancouver

Torpedo Blast 44,
$99 / $79.98 by Momentum Watches

MWC 300M Watch

MWC 300M,
$219 / $149.98 by MWC Watches

Orient Bambino Ver. 1 Watch

Japanese-automatic movement

Bambino Ver. 1,
$131.38 by Orient

LTHR Supply T3 Watch

T3 watch,
$198 / $149.98 by LTHR Supply

Daniel Wellington Classic Reading Watch

Classic Reading,
$229 / $140.91 by Daniel Wellington

Roue HDS 2 Watch

HDS 2,
$160 / $144.98 by Roue

Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Timex Watch

Horween leather Timex,
$128 / $119.98 by Form·Function·Form

Momentum Watches Flatline 42

Flatline 42,
$195 / $149.98 by Momentum Watches

Swap Your Bands

An easy way to switch up the look of your watch with the seasons? Swap your bands. From various leather and suede bands to metal link bracelets, all you need is a simple pin remover to make the switch quick and easy.