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The holidays are over and that means two things: stores are simultaneously unveiling new merchandise while putting a huge chunk of it on sale. And you've likely got a handful of gift cards burning a hole in your pocket. To help you spend your newfound money wisely, we're checking in with a few of our favorite retailers this week and rounding up what we'll be buying. Get it while the sizes are plentiful. First we hit up Need Supply Co. Next up, J.Crew.

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J.Crew 770 Straight-Fit Corduroys

770 straight-fit corduroys,
$79.50 / $35.39 (with code NEWYEAR)

J.Crew Ludlow Topcoat

Ludlow topcoat,
$625 / $275.99 (with code NEWYEAR)

J.Crew American Oxford Shirt

American Oxford shirt,
$69.50 / $38.70 (with code NEWYEAR)

New Balance 791 Sneakers

New Balance 791 sneakers,
$75 / $30.59 (with code NEWYEAR)

J.Crew Slim-fit Stretch Chinos

Slim-fit stretch chinos,
$75 / $34.79 (with code NEWYEAR)

J.Crew Cotton Hoodie

Cotton hoodie,

New Balance Workout Shirt

New Balance workout shirt,
$65 / $29.99 (with code NEWYEAR)

J.Crew Straight-Fit Jeans

Straight-fit jeans,
$125 / $58.80 (with code NEWYEAR)

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