DSTLD, $320

When you think of hardwearing outerwear, it doesn't get more iconic, leading man or badass than a proper leather jacket. It's the modern equivalent to a suit of armor—just pulling one on will instantly give you a boost of confidence. One of the very first leather jackets, Irving Schott's famed motorcycle jacket, the "Perfecto," was introduced in 1928. It sold for just $5.50. The jacket is still built the old fashioned way and just as ruggedly handsome as the original, but of course, it'll cost you a bit more these days. That's not to say a man minding his finances can't find a quality leather jacket. Thankfully, brands big and small are crafting some good looking leather jackets that are built to last. And like any piece made from leather, it will only get better looking the more you wear it. From DSTLD's sleek bomber style to Buck Mason's ultra-soft washed jacket based on a vintage flight jacket, there's a lot to appreciate about these jackets—the price is just one attribute worth celebrating.

Affordable Picks

Buck Mason Washed Leather Flight Jacket



Buck Mason, $495

Gap Leather Biker Jacket

Gap, $425

H&M Leather Biker Jacket

Dig the

Dig the
suede collar

H&M, $399

Zara Leather Bomber Jacket

Zara, $199

Keep It Looking Great

Keep It Looking Great

Leather's natural fibers will break down with time. That's why you should think of leather like you think of your skin and condition it to help it maintain its softness. Just stay clear of creams and oils that contain waxes or silicones because they'll prevent the jacket from breathing—one of the advantages of leather outerwear. We like this one, which has been a favorite in Italy for over 50 years.

Urad All-in-One Leather Conditioner

All-in-one leather conditioner,
$16.49 by Urad


Dampen a soft cloth with water and apply a quarter-sized amount of conditioner to the cloth.


Begin by rubbing in small circles, working your way over the entire jacket.


Remember that several lighter passes are better than one heavy-handed application. Especially on the rough, cracked patches. Just give yourself 30 minutes in between coats.