The Shorts to Save Your Summer Style

Comfortable, easy and uncomplicated—these are the hallmarks of a warm weather wardrobe. Now that summer is in full swing, the heat and humidity won't be letting up any time soon. And while we at Valet. can certainly understand wearing pants year-round, sometimes it's just too hot and you want to let your legs breathe. When that's the case, a well-chosen pair of shorts can make you look damn good. Here are 15 of the coolest pairs to keep your personal style from disappearing to the back of your closet until fall rolls around again.



One of the best things about these lightweight shorts festooned with bold patterns and prints? You can wear them with a simple, plain T-shirt and still look like you put some effort into your outfit. They do all of the work for you.

Faherty printed shorts

Faherty, $128

"Short" Shorts

They're called shorts for a reason, guys. Let your legs breathe and pull on a pair of genuinely short shorts. We're talking about inseams of just five to six inches. And if you haven't messed with these before, trust us, you'll feel at home in them quicker than you'd think.

Patagonia short shorts

Patagonia, $55

Camp Shorts

These rugged shorts are a handsome alternative to cargo shorts. They still offer plenty of pocket storage, just in a more streamlined way. Cut just above the knee, they sit flat and slim across the thigh and often come in outdoorsy, military shades.

Deep Thoughts

Are jorts (aka jean shorts) cool again?

Are jorts (aka jean shorts) cool again?