Spring Essential

The Wardrobe Swap That Makes a Big Difference

If all you're looking to do is keep your pants up, then fine, let your belts just blend into your pants. But you'll soon notice, especially in the coming months, that you're feeling a bit boring. After all, with limited layering opportunities, there are only so many ways to add some style to your warm weather wardrobe. To put it another way, not taking advantage of your waist is a damn waste. A bold belt—be it a pop of color, a sharply subtle buckle or a unique texture—imbibes any pair of pants with chill travel vibes and adds a shot of knowing style to a suit. During the week it's a low-key nod to relaxing in the sun, drinking chilled wine. Off duty, it's simply a smart celebration of good times style.


This category is anything but your standard black or brown belt. Splashes of bright paint or a military camo pattern? Cool. Authentic Argentine woven fabric or a sporty style inspired by nylon climbing belt? We don't have a problem with any of it.


This is an old school style that feels really fresh right now. We're feeling the O-ring belt, perhaps because it's been so long since we've seen them out and about. And bonus, a few of our favorite brands are making some good ones.


Give your waist some texture. Because a belt is such a small accessory that typically gets, at least partially, obscured by your shirt, you can mess with embellishments like studs, braids and perforations.

Belt ≠ Shoes

Contrary to what some store salesmen will tell you, your shoes and belt don't need to match exactly. Especially in an era when fashion rules are loosening up.