Spring Essential

Your 2018 T-Shirt Checklist

Warm weather and T-shirts go hand-in-hand. While the humble tee often takes a back seat for much of the year, once spring is in full effect and throughout the summer, this simple shirt gets to really shine. Wearing the right one can make the difference between looking slick and with it or sloppy and lazy. While you, no doubt, have a good amount of tees already in your wardrobe, you might not have these three, which we'd definitely recommend adding to your arsenal. Herewith, our current favorites in a range of styles and prices.


Today's coolest striped T-shirt aren't the nautical, Breton-style stripes. They're more colorful, influenced by the Cali skate culture and surfers in Venice Beach. It's an easy way to take a simple outfit and punch it up a bit.


Want to summon good time vibes? Throw on a tie-dyed T-shirt. What's more, they're surprisingly versatile. Wear them with jeans or shorts, of course, but they also look damn good under a suit jacket for a casual event.


They may be solid and simple. Yet they're anything but plain. These tees, cut from more substantial fabrics, can be worn in multiple ways: Layered under a shirt, slightly oversized for a more draped look or even tucked-in for an of-the-moment style.

Fold Like a Pro

Create more room in your drawers by folding your T-shirts smaller and filing them vertically in a drawer so the folded "spines" of the shirts are visible.