The Handbook

Stock Your Bathroom

You've likely got your regular shave cream, favorite facial moisturizer and go-to goop for your hair. This list isn't about swapping out your standbys, it's about stocking your bathroom with quality tools that help you look and feel your best. And most are handsome enough to improve the look of your bathroom.

Tweezerman Grooming Kit


Arguably one of the best brands when it comes to small metal grooming instruments, this kit features Tweezerman's tweezerette (a small tweezer ideal for ingrown hairs and splinters), stainless steel fingernail clipper, facial hair scissors and a sturdy pocket nail file.

$31.60, at allbeauty

Kent Nail Brush


A good nail brush is the quickest and easiest way to ensure clean nails (the mark of any well-groomed gentleman). This beechwood black bristle brush is made by Kent, which has been crafting world-renowned brushes since 1777.

$30, at The Men's Room Barbershop

Kent Comb


An all-purpose comb will come in handy, whether you're sporting a part in your hair, taming your sideburns or trimming your mustache. This one, made by Kent, is crafted from flexible acetate which glides effortlessly through the hair while the rounded teeth are gentle on the scalp.

$8, at The Men's Room Barbershop

Panasonic Trimmer


This powerful nose and ear hair trimmer has a bright, focused headlight that helps you see and snip every unwanted hair. It's fully water immersible, compact enough to travel with and the rotary blade system prevents the hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades from coming into contact with your skin.

$12.99, at Amazon

Sisal Body Brush


You'll find one of these natural-fiber brushes in most Japanese homes. The stiff yet flexible bristles are ideal for smoothing dry feet and rough patches of skin in the shower. Proponents of dry brushing (using the brush in circular motions before getting into the shower) insist that it improves circulation and benefits your lymphatic system.

$14.24, at Amazon


A fluoride rinse prevents cavities, strengthens teeth and reduces sensitivity. This dentist-recommended rinse not only freshens breath and kills germs, it promotes healthy gums and helps rebuild your enamel. One aesthetically-minded Valet. editor actually decants his into a water carafe.