The Handbook

Look Better
In 15 Minutes

Whatever you might think of your face, you only have one, so you'd better learn to look after it. But here's some good news: it doesn't take too much effort to go the extra mile and look instantly more pulled together. Herewith, our easy-to-do checklist.

Eye Drops

When you've got bloodshot and bleary eyes, you tend to look worn out and tired. Some good eye drops will clear away the redness and brighten the whites of your eyes. Like optical breath mints, Rohto's cooling drops are a favorite of red carpet stylists because they work fast and leave you looking fresh and awake.

Clip Rogue Hairs

We're men, we grow hair, it's what we do. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't clean it up now and again. Use a trimmer or some small scissors to clip away bushy nose hairs and miscreant ear hairs. Get close to your mirror and give your face a once over. If you see any out-of-place hairs—between your eyebrows or on your upper cheeks—pluck them with some tweezers.


Clean Up Your Neck

Between haircuts, some guys can sprout a trail of unruly hairs down the back of their neck. Grab a hand mirror and your razor and shave it. Using simple upwards strokes, stop right at the hairline and you'll be good for about two weeks.


Scrub and Smooth

Make your skin look and feel its best by exfoliating and moisturizing. Slough away dead, flaky skin (along with some grit and grime) by washing your face with a good scrub. Then finish it off by smoothing on a thin layer of moisturizer.


Kiehl's energizing scrub, $20

Port Products balancing moisturizer, $30

Stop Slouching

Now that you're looking your best, remember to stand up straight and pull your shoulders back. It's a quick and easy way to look taller and project confidence.