Day 30

Date-Proof Your Place

What makes a man a good date? He should be courteous and charming, sophisticated and in control of the situation. That shouldn't all end when you walk into to your place. Whether they're "just coming up for a cup of coffee," a nightcap (maybe two) or hell, just an honest hook up, your home should reflect the kind of man you are, or at least, hope to be. A man who lives alone or with other male roommates could be living in a veritable minefield. Here's a checklist of things to take care of in order to make your place ready for guests.


Get rid of the empty booze bottles lining your kitchen cabinets or giant tubs of protein powder looming on top of your refrigerator. It makes your place look like the home of a man child who doesn't quite have his priorities in check.


Edit your photos. Any frame is subject to questions. So if you don't want to talk about what you're doing in that photo (or why you've got a picture of your ex still up), get rid of it. The same goes for goofy magnets on your fridge.


Move your bed away from the wall. Because a bed pushed up against a wall certainly makes it hard for two people to get in and out of comfortably. There's nothing sexy about having to scoot to the other side.


Swap dark colored sheets for lighter varieties. White sheets offer the crisp, clean feeling of a luxury hotel. Dark sheets somehow convey that you're trying to hide something.


Stock your nightstand. Discreet is the theme here, gentlemen. You don't need a bowl of condoms sitting out (that looks way too hopeful, bro). But having a few tucked away ensures you're not running to the bathroom just as things are getting going. It's also nice to have a candle (just the right amount of light) and a small plant (to prove you can take care of things) on your nightstand as well.


Your bathroom should be spotless. A less than clean kitchen is acceptable. But nothing grosses out a potential sex partner like a gnarly bathroom. That means wiping down your sink, shower and toilet. Make sure medicine and any signs of previous overnight visitors are hidden out of sight.


For tough soap scum inside your shower, sprinkle a dyer sheet with a few drops of water and use it to wipe away built-up soap residue.


Have some real food in your place. This doesn't mean that you can't have some junk food or frozen pizzas on hand. But you should also have some fresh fruit and the ingredients to make your guest breakfast in the morning.