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Look Better In Photos

Nobody is all that crazy about how they look in photos. And while we can't change that, we can help you look better. Because a good picture represents your best self. And you should be able to take a great shot—one you wouldn't mind sharing on social media or networking sites. So we went looking for some advice from the experts and here's what they had to share.

Master the Angle

The angle is usually what people get wrong, according to male model booker Ryan Frost, of London's Models1. "Lower your chin, but not so much that you give yourself a few more chins," he advises. "And maybe turn your head slightly to the left or right, depending on what side you feel most comfortable with." But the most important thing, he says, is to relax. "If you look tense it'll show in the picture."

Find Your Good Side

It sounds silly, but more than likely one side of your face is actually more aesthetically pleasing than the other. To find your good side, New York-based photographer Ian Spanier suggests holding a piece of paper vertically over one side of your face, then the other. You'll notice which features stand out to you.


Look Away

You don't always have to stare directly into the camera. Cool guys like Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando were often snapped in the midst of natural moments. Candid shots will capture something intangible that posed shots simply won't. So when someone pulls out a camera, just slow your movements, have a little fun and with any luck, they'll catch you looking nonchalantly great.


Model Oliver Cheshire has made a living from knowing how to position his body in photographs. But he provides a simple lesson here to be aware of your posture when you're posing. Shoulders back—make sure you're not slumping forward. And whenever you're wearing a jacket, make sure that it's buttoned so that you look lean and tall.

Take a Breath

It's an old photographer's trick that always seems to work. Right before the snap, take a quick, deep breath and then release it. This relaxes your face and gives you a more natural smile.

Keep These Out of Your Shots


Peace signs

Gym locker room mirrors