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No matter your personal style, pants are the one item of clothing that you put on nearly every single day. And while you can get pretty far on a rotation of everyday jeans, cords and chinos, it's good to branch out and pull on some proper pants now and again. From office-appropriate wool trousers and tweeds to more current patterned styles and slimmed-down cargos, here are four pairs to consider adding to your lineup.

All-Season Wool


A pair of lightweight wool pants in a light shade of grey is one of the most versatile pairs a man can own. Able to be worn all year, in any number of situations, they look as sharp with a blazer and tie as they do with a sweater and jean jacket.

Example: Canali



Once relegated to saggy and sloppy weekend wear, cargos have stepped up their game as designers slim down and shape up the military-inspired pants. Think of them as a rugged substitute for your workaday khaki pants.

Example: Ami



On the subtle end of the spectrum, think pinstripes. But for bolder gents, plaid styles are making their way off the golf course and into the wardrobes of the sartorial set. Keep in mind, the fit should be narrow, the hems cuffed and the rest of your outfit simple.

Example: Gant Rugger

Heavy Weight


Whether classic woven tweeds or sturdy cotton moleskin, these are tough trousers that withstand inclement weather without making you look like you're dressed to fight the elements. Go with timeless styles and colors, and these will last you a lifetime.

Example: J.Crew