The Handbook

Refresh Your Style

A big part of good style is finding what works for you and sticking with it. Those items and outfits that suit you—they make you look great and thus you feel great when wearing them. Which is why it's easy to fall into a rut. That's not to say there aren't some upsides to developing a personal uniform. But if you're feeling like your style's become a bit stale, here are three ways to switch things up and inject some freshness into your wardrobe (without going overboard). Guaranteed to update your everyday looks and give you a boost of confidence too.


Go Monochromatic

This is a simple twist that always works for those dapper European gentlemen. Dashing Brits and elegant Italians will dress in head-to-toe navy or black. Or perhaps pull on layers in various shades of grey or tan. There's no way to do it wrong and the finished outfit looks considered and cool.

(Photo: Tommy Ton)

Give Your Jeans a Break

You love your jeans, we love our jeans. No one's saying to stop wearing them. But it's too easy to pull on some denim day after day (after day). And we're living at a time when there's never been more choices for men's trousers. Make sure your closet is stocked with casual pants like cotton chinos, joggers and a pair of well-cut sweatpants. Maybe even some tailored cargos. And round things out with some proper wool pants that can be dressed up with a jacket and tie or dressed down with some sneakers.

Pants by Scotch & Soda

Swap Your Sneakers
for Boots

If you're always pulling on a pair of sneakers, consider swapping them for a pair of boots. They could be of the rugged, lug-soled variety or something with a slimmer profile and rock 'n roll edge like these suede jodhpur boots. You can sport them in pretty much any casual situation where you'd typically wear your sneakers and they look a whole lot more grown up.

(Photo: George Elder)

Hanger Intel

You care about your clothes. Treat them right by using the correct hangers.