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Your Jeans

These days, when it comes to denim, almost anything goes. Straight leg or skinny. Dark rinsed, worn-in or raw selvedge in archival fits. And often, men find a fit and shade that they're comfortable with and stick with it. And there's nothing wrong with that. Jeans should be personal. But that's no reason to find yourself in a wardrobe rut. Herewith, a road map to some denim additions which should stay within your comfort zone.

If you wear ...

Dark denim

Try ...

Black jeans

Black tends to make any garment, even a pair of jeans, a touch more sophisticated. Wear these like you'd wear your dark denim, but also sport them with anything you'd wear with your more traditional trousers.

If you wear ...

Worn-in jeans

Try ...

Raw selvedge

If you favor beat-up, lighter colored jeans, consider some raw selvedge jeans. They'll be rigid at first, but as you break them in, you'll develop a personalized patina, fit and wear pattern.

If you wear ...

Grey jeans


Try ...

White denim

White jeans offer a crisp alternative to grey jeans or your workaday chinos. And best of all, you can wear them year round with everything from a polo and desert boots to a blazer and a pair of monk strap shoes.

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