The Handbook

Simple Sneaker Maintenance

Sneakers are a part of every man's wardrobe. Whether you're dropping some serious cash on pair of high-end designer kicks or just lacing up a classic pair of trainers, your shoes are an investment. Which means you're going to want to keep them in good condition. Here's how to ensure your go-to sneakers continue looking (and smelling) as fresh as possible.

Clean 'Em Up


Sneakerheads swear by Jason Markk's gentle yet effective shoe cleaner. It works on all colors and materials (even suede), and this 8 oz. bottle promises to clean and condition up to 200 pairs. To use, apply the solution onto a brush, dip the brush in a bowl of water and start scrubbing until the cleaner foams up. Wipe it clean and repeat as necessary.


Fight the Funk

This one's an old trick, but it works better than other hacks we've tried. Stick a dyer sheet in each foul-smelling sneaker and by morning, the offensive odor is pretty much gone. Bounce with Febreeze is particularly effective.


Buff Away Scuffs

How does Peter Poopat, co-founder of cult sneaker brand Common Projects, keep the sides of his soles clean? Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Other options for buffing away scuffs? Try your girl's nail polish remover or a speciality cleaning product like Kiwi's Heavy Duty Cleaner (which works well on grass stains).


Prevent Creases

To prevent toe boxes from developing deep or excessive creasing, insert some shoe trees along with these small plastic sneaker shields when you store your kicks at the end of the day. The shields can also be worn with shoes to stave off creases altogether.

Don't Neglect Your Laces


Keep your laces looking fresh by washing them. Remove them from the shoe and place in a mesh wash bag—to prevent knots or snags—then just wash and dry with your standard laundry.

On the Go


Jason Markk makes these handy wipes with a smooth side to clean up spills and a textured side to tackle tougher stains on the go. Keep one in your desk drawer, glove box or bag.