The Handbook

Soften Your Sweaters

You likely have a wool piece—a sweater, cap or scarf—in your closet right now that you'd wear more often if it weren't so damn scratchy. Some wool is itchier than others, while some start to take on a stiff texture after repeated wears and cleaning. But relief can be found in your shower—hair conditioner is a proven softener. Here's how to do it.

How To


Wash the sweater (or scarf, etc.). Press out any excess water.


Fill the basin or bucket halfway with lukewarm water and mix in two to three tablespoons of quality conditioner like Kiehl's or Grooming Lounge. Submerge the wool for at least 30 minutes.


Rinse the sweater thoroughly and once clean, lay onto a clean towel and roll up, pressing out any excess water. Unroll, smooth out any wrinkles and pull sweater back in shape.


Lay it out flat (on a new towel, if need be) to dry completely and enjoy the softer, smoother wool.


Don't use a conditioner that is formulated for special hair conditions as it leaves a film on the fibers.